14 Most Profitable Digital Products to Sell Online

3 min readDec 5, 2022


Digital products are software-enabled electronic products, content, or pieces of media such as e-books, audio files, PDFs, etc.

Why sell digital products?

One of the best options for selling digital products is to sell an unlimited number of products and earn passive income. Selling digital products does not involve huge costs and investment of large sums of money. It’s an additional income stream for any entrepreneur. Digital products are constantly updated and rarely become obsolete. To sell digital products online, you will also be able to access the market without barriers.

Let’s discuss 14 trending and best-selling digital products that you can start your business with today.

1. Educational content

Education is the only thing on which you can spend unlimited money. It’s also a great challenge to try yourself in a new field. By specializing in a field, you can sell your knowledge through digital products.

Isn’t this really wonderful?

Examples of educational content to sell:

  • online courses
  • ebooks
  • study materials
  • self-care guides

2. Digital Art

Digital artwork today can sell for more and a higher price than a physical image. Entrepreneurs invest in this business, and talented/experienced artists are in high demand. If you are an artist, you should not miss the opportunity to show your artwork to a large audience.

3. Sound effects

As video content dominates the digital world, sound effects will remain among the best-selling digital products. All video content delivery platforms collaborate with professional experts to have the best sound effects. It’s a great way to showcase your talent.

4. Lightroom presets

Creating your own photo effect has been a reality for a long time. You can do this using Adobe’s popular program, Lightroom. It can be a really profitable business. You can sell your presets in several online marketplaces.

5. Stock photos

Ever heard of iStock or Adobe Stock? These are online platforms where you can upload your photo and sell it. If you are good at photography, this is for you.

6. AR filters

Instagram face filters are quite popular. If you master the art of making them, this can be a great business model. You can collaborate with influencers and celebrities by creating Instagram filters for them.

7. Fonts

Creating fonts has always been relevant. As the trends change, businesses and individuals use different typefaces. You can sell your font on several online platforms, as well as partner with others.

8. Illustrations

How about selling your digital illustrations? Illustrations never get old and are in high demand. If you are good at making illustrations, this can be a great business option.

9. Portfolio templates

There are many sites like Canva where you can sell the templates you create. You can create portfolio templates and you can also sell your service on freelancing sites like Fiverr.

10. Creative writing workshops

Are you a content writer? So use your skills to earn passive income. Skilled and experienced professionals are in high demand. Hosting a professional online workshop can be a great idea to showcase your skills.

11. Translation services

If you are fluent in any language, doing online translations will provide you with passive income, which we think is really great!

12. Digital newsletter subscriptions

It’s an emerging industry whose primary function is to provide critical information on a subscription basis. For example, as a fitness trainer, you can provide training materials to clients on a monthly subscription basis.

13. Apps

If you are an app developer, why not start this business? Experienced professionals are indeed in high demand in this digital age. Try your best in this area as well!

14. Video games

You can create your own collection of video games and submit monthly or yearly packages to enjoy them.

We hope you enjoyed our guide to digital products. And now it’s time to start. You can create your website with Zegashop in minutes and start selling your digital product today.




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