What is online merchandising?

2 min readSep 22, 2022

Hi everyone. Today we will talk about online merchandising. First of all, let’s find out what merchandising is. It is the practice and process of displaying and selling products to customers.

Online merchandising is the correct presentation and strategic placement of products on the online platform. These help the customer navigate the website and increase sales.

Online merchandising involves all aspects of your site related to everything from product images and descriptions to user-generated content.

In addition, the online seller is directly related to the general experience of users. In this case, it is momentous to have involvement content and photos to ensure the best user experience and extend the time. It’s one of the main types of marketing strategy that aims to generate the interest of shoppers.

Especially with the high competition of businesses in the online sphere, online merchandising is one of the great options to emphasize the style of the site, stimulate the interest of customers and take the website to a new level!

How to create an online merchandising strategy that works? Here are the answers

Use geo-merchandising

This strategy allows you to display products for sale on the site based on location. Isn’t it superb? It further personalizes the customer’s purchase, setting your site apart from competing sites.

Simplify the product description

Product descriptions on the website should be as clear and concise as possible. The customer should get all the information he needs. It’s should be attractive so that the customer makes an immediate purchase decision.

Accurate arrangement of products

In addition to being beautiful, the product layout on the website should also be optimized and not confusing to customers. The wrong arrangement can cause you to lose customers. In addition to the layout of products in a category, their proper focus on the home page is more important to ensure sales. When adding products to the website, you should remember that the ultimate goal is to sell them, therefore, you should competently and accurately calculate the probability of buying a given product and arrange it on the home page.

Highlight your story, and tell them!

In addition to presenting a visual product, you need to tell your story. Customers are interested in reading stories. Create engaging and user-generated content, which is an integral part of online merchandising. It also promotes impulse buying.

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